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Guest Blog Post by Corrie Barto

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I love downtown McKinney. I do a lot of photo shoots there, and everyone loves the atmosphere, the unique backdrops, and (my favorite) you can always count on great light at any time of day. Earlier this year, I decided to start a high school senior spokesmodel program. It’s a marketing tool that allows local senior students to participate in a fun photo shoot, and in turn they will share the images online with their friends…generating new clients for the photographer. I knew downtown McKinney would be the perfect spot for this type of shoot. I had 9 high school seniors and needed a variety of locations to pull off a unique look for each one. It’s common to partner with local boutiques and make-up artists for this type of shoot, so I was lucky enough to come across Kiss & Make-Up Boutique & Salon as the one-stop-shop perfect partner! Sandy has such a wonderful vision for her boutique and combines her amazing talents in the salon chair to provide her customers a complete style experience when they walk through that door.

Each of my spokesmodels had the full experience I was wanting them to have: styling by a local fashion blogger, Lauren (check outwww.theartoflivingbeautifully.net), hair/make-up with amazing stylists from Kiss & Make-Up, and a photo shoot to show off their unique looks! An individual photo session was first, and at the end of the day we did group shots. After the girls were through with their sophisticated looks, we switched the feel of the shoot by styling them in cutoff shorts, boots, and darling printed tees that Sandy does such a great job selecting for her customers. A couple of the images from this casual end of the shoot were selected to be featured on a popular teen style blog. See it here! The day was fast paced, fun, and yielded perfect results thanks to the team that gave so much of themselves to make it a success.

I’m so excited to share these images with Kiss & Makeup Boutique readers! For your own portrait session, please contact me through my website,www.corriebarto.com. I can’t wait to work with you!